WElcome to abundant life church 

Abundant Life has resumed our normal 10:00 a.m. worship service. We have seating spread out for your safety and comfort. When singing, we ask all to put their COVID masks on since what we exhale travels quite a bit further when laughing, coughing, or singing. After you’re seated, you can take your mask off for the sermon and prayer times. We’ve stopped taking temperatures when people come through the doors since no one we’ve tested during all of these weeks has shown a high temperature. Maybe that’s because we’re a healthy bunch, and we’re being very considerate of others and staying home if we have any respiratory problems or flu-like symptoms. And that’s good. Right now, many of us have some sinus problems and coughs caused by all the smoke in the air, but if you have a bad cough, cold or flu symptoms, or a fever, please stay home and don’t take a chance of passing anything along to others.

We’re also showing our 10:00 service on Facebook Live. You can view that service by scrolling to the bottom of this homepage and clicking on the link shown as Facebook Videos. We’re continuing our sermon series on the book of Genesis. If you’re a regular attender via Facebook Live, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know who you are, how we can minister to you, as well as any questions you might have about a sermon, our Statement of Faith, etc.