News from Pastor Jim for May 28

Dearest saints of Abundant Life,

The time has come at last for us to offer the opportunity to be together this coming Sunday, May 31st. Note our new worship times: We will offer a 9:00 AND a 10:30 service at ALC. The 9:00 a.m. service will also be shown online (usual method). These services will necessarily be shorter than usual due to NO fellowship time in the middle. Also, there will be NO Sunday School or nursery available until this whole Coronavirus challenge is passed.

Let me remind you of what our protocol needs to be. We ask that no one who is ill join us for the live services. If you have a child who is sick, kindly find someone to watch him or her, or enjoy the virtual service online as a family. Also, if you are not feeling well, please watch from home. We will be quickly taking temperatures at the door with an infrared thermometer which doesn’t even touch the skin (Pam is demonstrating in the photo) so that all who are here have the comfort of knowing no one is ill among us. If you have a temperature of 100.4 or above, or flu-like symptoms, you will be asked not to stay for worship. All but very small children need to wear a mask. We plan to have some masks available at the door for those who forget, or were unaware.

Families can sit together, and otherwise we will maintain the 6- feet-separation guideline.

When we took our survey earlier, about 1/3 said they would come early, 1/3 said they would come to the later service, and 1/3 said they would probably stay home for now and worship via the internet. We shall see how this pans out.

Our worship center has room for 150 packed out, and surely 50 with space between, if we have that many in one service. Our seating may need to push some all the way to the back wall if many show up at the same time. I am convinced that God will work out the details.

I am sorry we need to use these precautions, but the elders have agreed before God that for the safety and comfort of all, this is how we need to proceed. Our Governor has established state guidelines, and these do not prevent us from honoring God when we are together.

As with the Coronavirus itself, our temporary protocol will pass in time. As Josh well reminded us last Sunday, as followers of Christ, this is not the time to demand our rights, but to give grace to one another, and put the interests of others above ours. Let’s enjoy the fragrance of worshiping Christ as we come together this Sunday.

If some of you feel not yet ready for being here physically, that’s certainly okay! Enjoy our service at home until the time is right for you.

I am SO looking forward to greeting you and being blessed by your attendance again. And yes, we WILL sing! It’s time to celebrate together, brothers and sisters. Come prepared to do just that.

Pastor Jim